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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A report on Force Majeure at Ahram Online newspaper, the link to the original article is here.


The project Force Majeure is an artistic encounter that tries to reassemble elements of an event previously engineered by scripted regional politics of exchange, taking a position from which to look at those elements and exchange modes. Through various forms, this encounter is processed publicly.

Force Majeure was conceived by Adham Hafez and Ismail Fayed with the space designed by architect Samir Kordy. The project is produced and organized in Cairo by HaRaKa Dance Development and Research, and is supported by the Townhouse Gallery, Goethe Institute and the Spanish Embassy’s Cultural Affairs Section. The project is part of Miniatures Officinae, which receives the support of the European Union and is collaboratively produced by Officina (Marseilles), L’Animal A L’Esquena (Celra), CRA’P (Barcelona), El Teatro (Tunis), Indisciplinarte (Terni).

Performances and visual works will be presented for the first time by artists:
Andrea Abbatengelo (Italy)
Marie AlFajr (France/Egypt)
Shaymaa Aziz (Egypt)

Leo Castro (Spain)
Ammar Habli (Tunis)
Christoph Haleb(France)
Gruppo Nanou (Italy)
Filiz Sizanli (Turkey)
Imen Smaoui (Tunis)
Carme Torent (Spain)

27 April 2011: Opening- FORCE MAJEURE
7pm at Townhouse Gallery- Factory
Open Event

28, 29, 30 April 2011: FORCE MAJEURE Miniature Performances and Visual Work
7pm to 10pm at Townhouse Gallery- Factory
Open Event

Parallel Events

21st April 2011- 5th May 2011: Research residency of renowned Catalan researcher, performer, educator and head of “CRA’P” arts organization; Toni Cots.

3rd May 2011: Film screening of Toni Serra’s work, presented by Toni Cots, at Townhouse Gallery Library

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  1. Dear Adham and HaRaKa community,

    I am researching "dance pedagogy in regions of conflict" for a paper presentation at the combined World Dance Alliance (WDA) / Dance and the Child International (DaCI) conference in Taiwan this summer.

    Within the HaRaKa community, are there dance teachers working with youth whom I could contact to set up skype interviews the weeks of June 18-22 or June 25-29?

    Questions guiding these interviews will include:

    1. How does political or social conflict influence dance pedagogy in your region? What personal perspectives can you share?

    2. From your experience, what are the needs of youth in regions of conflict? How does your programming or teaching practices address these needs?

    3. Describe any programs, teaching practices, events, or outreach you have been involved with that focus on community-building on a local, regional or global level.

    4. As a teacher, how do you cultivate empathy in students exposed to conflict? What traits would identify an empathetic student?

    5. What is the value of self-expression in your teaching pedagogy?

    Rather than taking a political stand on ongoing and recent political dynamics in the region, I seek to re-examine the politics of my own dance pedagogy, and its effectiveness when working with youth in non-Western societies.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


    Marin Leggat
    Assistant Professor of Dance
    Ohio Wesleyan University