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Friday, April 22, 2011

Force Majeure

Force Majeure

6 Newly commissioned live performance & dance pieces :
-Marie Al Fajr (France - Egypt).
-Christophe Haleb (France).
-Gruppo Nanou (Italy).
-Imen Smaoui (Tunis).
-Ammar Habli (Tunis).
-Carme Torrent (Spain).

4 Newly commissioned visual art pieces:
-Shayma Aziz (Egypt) - Video.
-Filiz Sizanli (Turkey - France) - Video.
-Leo Castro (Spain) - Video.
- Andrea Abbatangelo - Installation.

The project “Force Majeure” is produced and organized in Cairo by HaRaKa Dance Development and Research, and is supported by the Townhouse Gallery, Goethe Institute and the Spanish Embassy’s Cultural Affairs Section. Media partner: AlMasry AlYoum .

“Force Majeure” is part of “Miniatures Officinae” which receives the support of the European Union, and is collaboratively co-produced by Officina (Marseilles), L’Animal A L’Esquena (Celra), CRA’P (Barcelona), El Teatro (Tunis), Indisciplinarte (Terni)
Further support to the project “Miniatures Officinae” is supported by Marseilles Provence Cultural Capital 2013.

27,28,29,30 April - @ the factory space of the Townhouse Gallery - Cairo.

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