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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Open Source Dance, Tilburg-Holland - Call for Applications

INCUBATE presents:


Space that must be filled, the dance program of Incubate, aims to give the audience and community of Incubate a new role as participant. It offers the Incubate audience a stage to show their own dance to the Incubate visitors. The (unwritten) laws of dance and theatre are hard to work with in a spontaneous way. Together with dance curator Sonja Augart, we are looking for a way to offer new insights in this discipline. By creating a rigid form of presentation, the stage is free for whoever wants to use it!

Anything goes, there’s no boundaries between academic styles, folk dance or urban/street/hip hop styles, as long as it fits the dogma we’ve created for the presentation. Performances cannot be over 10 minutes, only a standard light setting is permitted, there’s a maximum of four dancers on the floor at the same time and there’s only a single CD player. Change-over will not exceed 15 minutes and usage of props or décor is not permitted.

The program will take place on September 16, 17 and 18th at Theatre De NWE Vorst in Tilburg. Space that must be filled is a dance program where everyone is invited to give their own insights on dance and movement. The audience can walk in and out of the presentation room, they can choose to stay for a little while or come see a specific performance.

If you want in, you can send an email with a short text on your idea, show or presentation of max 100 words to: and the deadline for letting us know you want to participate is June 20th. The final schedule will be announced before July 4th.

Our Dogma is:

-the stage is 10 x 6 meters

-no special light settings (only a total light setting)

-no stands

-max lenght is 10 minutes

-max three dancers on the stage at any time

-cd player is on stage

-thematic work is preferred

-no artificial emotions

-use of sound and music is permitted

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