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Saturday, June 26, 2010

TransDance :4 ----- PROGRAM

TransDance :4 ----- PROGRAM
27th June 2010- 7pm at Townhouse Gallery- The Library
FILMS: “Spanish Dance Films”

This program of dance videos and films aim to showcase different aesthetics and references in the Spanish dance scene. Spread around between Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin, the artists that created these films and videos stand on different points on what dance could be, and what the intersections of movement and image could be. In Diego’s “Geistern”, we are confronted by a daily and habitual landscape, while in “Chromatic Mirage”, Pere presents us a witty contemporary dance musical, and Roser dances to Abel’s camera in “Fil”, bringing a very intense physicality to the screen.
”Chromatic Mirage” – by Pere Faura
”Geistern”- by Diego Agullo
”Fil”- by Roser Lopez Espinosa and Abel Cunillera


28th June 2010- 7pm at Townhouse Gallery- The Library
FILM: “Redaa Troupe in Pictures”
LECTURE: “Embodiment in Redaa Troupe’s Choreographic Scores”- by Sawsan Gad
This talk discusses the interaction between dance and social dynamics. From a sociological perspective, the speaker demonstrates how dance is not just a repository of meaning, but a producer of meaning each time it is performed and re-performed. Reda Troupe performances and legacy are explored for embodiment of values of work ethics, demonstration effect, gender issues, social stagnation, as well as social inclusion.


And, also please join us at the Cairo Opera House, for the last two days of "TransDance :4"

29th June 2010- 8pm at Cairo Opera House- Open Air Theatre
: Live Dance Improvisation

LECTURE: “Transdisciplinarity, New Technologies and the Reinvention of an ancient medium”- by Ismail Fayed


30th June 2010- 8pm at Cairo Opera House- Small Theatre

: Take me back to Cairo- Repeat
FILMS: ”Shape Shadow” and “Resonance” by Ahmed El Sayed “Roby”

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